Those who appreciate the value of happy moments collect treasures for life.

A journey through the seasons

Autumn holidays in Gurgl

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Stop for a moment, take a deep breath and imagine how you ... stand on a summit with your sweetheart to watch the sunrise and look over the wafts of fog that look like a sea of ​​cotton balls hanging far below you in the valley under a clear blue sky ... explore the deserted mountain world and enjoy your intimate togetherness at an idyllic mountain lake ... watch the clouds pass by in the warm whirlpool and forget the time ... wake up in the morning cuddled up to your darling, look out the window and watch snowflakes dance in the sky ... warm up each other by the crackling fire after a hike through the colorful nature. Autumn in Gurgl offers this and much more!

A little closer to the sun ... wonderful autumn in Obergurgl

Experience the unique autumn scenery in the high mountains and enjoy long hikes or romantic walks through mystical forests, bike tours through the autumnal sea of ​​colors, incredible views from the peaks and your cuddling time for two in our 4*s Hotel Mühle Resort 1900!

Find each other again and

Let yourself be enchanted by autumn

Autumn in Gurgl promises pure variety – a journey through the most intense seasons. Hot Indian summer days full of action and adventure are just as much part of the nature cinema program as cool autumn days with rain or snowfall, on which you probably prefer to retreat to a warm and cozy place with your darling to shift down a gear and enjoy some intimate time. Romantic sunsets that make the sugared peaks of the Ötztal Alps glow red. You will find our luxurious oasis of peace right in the…

Enjoy togetherness. Fall in love again.

Romantic break between autumn colors and candlelight

Take a moment, have a deep breath and imagine how you… indulge in your loveliest memories together with your sweetheart while enjoying a romantic tête-á-tête in the soft glow of the candles … looking out the window while being kissed awake by the first rays of the morning sun ... how the mild autumn sun warms you on a hike under the azure blue sky ... how you have an entire wellness area to yourself after a relaxing massage by the quietly crackling open fire with your sweetheart ... how you lie…

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  • The Ötztal makes every nature lover's heart beat faster. Leisurely pleasure hikers get their money's worth as well as ambitious summiteers.

  • In our Mühle Spa 1900 you go on a luxurious timeless journey and immerse yourself in a cozy world of relaxation. The combination of wood...

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