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Sweat it out in the Mühle Spa 1900

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Some like it hot, some prefer lukewarm - at least one of our 9 saunas and steam baths will surely suit your taste! In order to offer all guests the most relaxing wellness experience possible we have divided our Mühle spa 1900 into a clothed area and a clothing-free area. Sweat well!

Alm sauna

In our Finnish sauna made of natural wood you can enjoy sweaty sauna sessions at a temperature of 80 to 105°C. The diverse infusion scents of alpine herbs, eucalyptus and stone pine make the sauna experience perfect.

Wine cellar bio sauna

Made from bricks that were formerly built into a real wine cellar our wine cellar sauna exudes an unique ambience in which you can sweat quickly even at a "mild" 60 to 75°C.

Herbal bath

In our herbal bath you can relax in the soothing scent of chamomile, lavender and sage at a comfortable temperature of 40 to 50°C. Perfect for those who don't like it that hot.

Salt stone sauna with brine inhalation

Enjoy the soothing brine mist of our salt stone sauna with every breath and relax at a comfortable temperature of 45 to 55 °C in the soft glow of light that shines warm through the salt stones.

Infrared lounge

Experience how the gentle and circulation-friendly warmth of the infrared radiation at a temperature of 35 to 42 °C stimulates your sweat production and relaxes your muscles – also in the clothed zone.

Steam bath

Relax in thick fog in one of our two steam baths (clothed, clothing-free) and feel the sweat on your skin at a pleasant 45 to 50 °C – either in your birthday suit or in your bathing suit.

Bio sauna

For those who do not feel completely comfortable in the clothing-free zone and still do not want to go without the joy of a sauna experience, our 50 °C warm organic sauna in the textile zone might be exactly the right thing for you!

Cool Down!

The cold, fresh high mountain water from our own spring and the cool glacier breeze within our small outdoor area provide the necessary cooling down after the sauna!

Regardless of how you prefer to cool off, we have got you covered! Be it with a cold beam of water from one of our many shower options, with crushed ice from our ice fountain or directly in the fresh air, the freshness kick is guaranteed!

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