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Summer in Gurgl promises action, adventure and pure relaxation with the most pleasant temperatures and a refreshing glacier breeze. When the summer heat in the valley becomes almost unbearable and any activity becomes a great effort, here at 1900 m above sea level we enjoy the perfect climate for hiking, biking, climbing, rafting, canyoning and much more.

Restful and deep sleep after an eventful day is not only ensured by our comfortable cuddly beds, the calming swoosh of the Gurgler Ache or the fine scent of the stone pine forest, but also by the welcoming cool down at night. Up here we don't really know tropical nights!

Mountain air is healthy!

Asthmatics and allergy sufferers experience a significant relief of their symptoms at our altitude and can breathe easier again after a longer stay with us – this has been proven by scientists from the University of Innsbruck in various studies. Compared to the air in the valley the mountain air contains hardly any allergenic irritants such as pollen, fine dust or exhaust gases. Not even house dust mites or ticks feel at home at this altitude – our guests suffering from allergies will so even more!

Experience the mountain summer

In addition to countless kilometers of hiking and cycling trails, there is still more to discover in the Ötztal. While canyoning, make your way between steep rock faces through the cold, clear water of the waterfalls and experience the untamed power of nature with professional guides. Due to the large selection there are comfortable beginner tours as well as challenging daredevil canyons.

Hang on a tight rope and climb unimagined heights on one of the via ferrata or grab a rope and master one of the many alpine climbing routes. Maneuver through the Inn and the Ötztaler Ache in a canoe or rafting boat or simply relax from your sporting activities while sunbathing at one of the many mountain lakes. The possibilities in the Ötztal are more diverse than your dreams!

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MÜHLE RESORT 1900, Gurgler Strasse 87
6456 Obergurgl, Österreich 
Tel: +43 5256 6767
Fax: +43 5256 6767 44

Adults Only
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