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Your hosts at ****s Mühle Resort 1900

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It is Magdalena and Emanuel's passion to make your stay at the ****s Resort Mühle an unforgettable experience. With a good portion of heart and soul, enthusiasm and genuine hospitality we create the holiday happiness of our guests. Together with our great team of affectionate and lovely hosts, we ensure that your holiday in the Ötztal becomes an incomparable break that you will talk about for a long time to come.

A hotel with history

The history of our 4*s Resort Mühle begins in 1627 as a small mountain farm. With hard work the family wrested their livelihood from the barren soil. It was still a long time though before tourism found its way into the Ötztal and summer visitors learned to appreciate the seclusion of the mountains.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the family decided to convert the mountain farm into a small guesthouse. The old walls survived the two world wars without major damage. In 1951 however nature showed its irrepressible power and an avalanche destroyed the house.

Even then the family did not let any crisis go by unused. Magdalena's grandmother rebuilt the house with her children and the Pension Timmelseck was soon opened.

With the increasing flow of tourists the space in the pension became increasingly scarce. So next to the existing guesthouse, the Mühle Inn was built by Magdalena's father Hanslois and his brothers and opened in 1972.

Over the years the Inn was continuously enlarged and eventually continued as a hotel. In 2008 the neighboring guesthouse "Bergresidenz" was bought, renovated and expanded.

After our hosts Magdalena and Emanuel took over the management of the hotel, new plans arose for the hotel. In 2016 the former Vital-Hotel & Bergresidenz Mühle was completely renovated, enlarged and aligned with the demands of the high-class hotel industry – with success.

The family history associated with it is just as eventful as the history of the 4*s Mühle Resort. With a little luck our host Magdalena will tell you a story about the life of her ancestors.

Cornerstones from history – tourism in Gurgl

1931 – Prof. Auguste Piccard's emergency landing on Gurgler Ferner made Obergurgl worldwide famous. The start for the tourism was given.  

1948 – the first Ötztal ski lift goes into operation in Obergurgl

1951 – an avalanche destroys the family's home  

1952 – the Pension Timmelseck was built and opened a year later

1972 – Construction and opening of the Mühle Inn

2002 – Construction of the wellness facility

2008 – the neighboring building "Smarthotel Bergresidenz“ was bought and renovated

2014 – Magdalena Gstrein-Nösig takes over the family business

2015 – Magdalena and Emanuel get married

2015 – Reconstruction and opening of the Chalet Mühle in Huben in the Ötztal

2016 – Complete renovation and expansion of today's Mühle Resort

2017 – The Mühle Resort 1900 makes the leap into the 4-star superior category

2021 – The "Lenzenalm“ becomes part of the Mühle Resort 1900

Our story is far from over! Since nothing is as constant as change, we look to the future full of innovation and drive!

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