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Into the hiking paradise by bike

(E-)bike and hike

Mühle Resort nur für Erwachsene Trennelement

Mountain biking and hiking don't have to be mutually exclusive, they can be wonderfully combined! You can easily shorten long ascents and approaches by bike – with or without motor assistance - park your bike at the starting point of your planned hike and experience a fantastic descent after conquering the summit. With (e-)bike & hike you can comfortably explore remote excursion destinations and secret places that cannot be reached with hut taxis or mountain railways!

  • If your own holiday interests are different from your beloved partner don't worry! That is no problem in our Mühle Resort 1900:

  • Our rooms and suites are more than just a place for sleeping – they are stylish retreats where you immediately feel snug and at home. Rustic wood...

  • In the spirit of an absolutely relaxed holiday feeling...

  • MÜHLE RESORT 1900 … Gurgler Strasse 87 … 6456 Obergurgl Österreich   …   … Tel: +43 5256 6767 … Fax: +43 5256 6767 44  … E-Mail: info@muehle-resort.

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MÜHLE RESORT 1900, Gurgler Strasse 87
6456 Obergurgl, Österreich 
Tel: +43 5256 6767
Fax: +43 5256 6767 44

Adults Only
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